Greenville NC $10000 Tip

Exclusive: Greensville Waitress Explains Sharing $10,000 Tip

Mr. Beast is YoutTube star known for his generousity, and over the weekend he made the crew at Sup Dogs in Greenville very, very happy. He ordered two glasses of water and dropped $10,000 on the table!!! Server Alaina Custer, Mr. Beast's server, decided to share that money with her co-workers and...
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Lion Warning

Video shows massive lion pounce at toddler at zoo

A horrifying encounter between a massive lion and a two-year-old toddler at a zoo in Chiba, Japan, was posted on Youtube. The boy broke eye-contact with the lion, the video, and thank God for that thick glass! Video of Lion at Japan zoo tries to paw Boy through Glass
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