World Health Organization

WHO: Avoid Dental Cleanings and Visits If You Can

Patients who have upcoming dental appointments may want to consider postponing their visits. The World Health Organization said people should avoid dental cleanings and visits to the dentist for now.
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WHO Warns the Coronavirus Pandemic Is 'Far From Over'

With Americans itching to get back to their normal lives, many states are beginning to lift ‘stay at home’ orders. However, the World Health Organization is warning that the coronavirus pandemic is ‘far from over.’ Read more now.
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World Health Organization Says There Is ‘No Evidence’ You Can’t Get Coronavirus Twice

If you contracted COVID-19, can you get it again? The World Health Organization said there is ‘no evidence’ that you cannot get COVID-19 twice.
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We here at 93.1 The Wolf are not health professionals but just like anyone else we are trying to find answers and tips for surviving this dreaded Coronavirus that’s sweeping through our little slice of heaven here in Carolina. We’ve pulled together (from notable sources) some things we think you...
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