Wolf Top 30

The Wolf's Top 30: New Luke, Kane & Kelsea!

Here's to all the HVAC workers out there sweating it out so we here at The Wolf can crank out cool music that you've demanded! Hopefully, no matter what kinda summer fun you're getting in to this week, The Wolf can be a part of it...with these top 30 most requested songs: 30.) Old Dominion - Hotel...
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Clay JD Walker with Luke Combs

Wolf Top 30: Thomas Rhett vs. Luke Combs

There's no doubt that North Carolina LOVES Luke Combs! This past week on The Wolf, Luke's taken four of our Top 30 slots! Way to go, Luke - we're proud to play you here on The Wolf. Without further ado, here's the Wolf Top 30 songs this week, as determined by you! 1.) Thomas Rhett - Unforgettable 2...
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