New Scam: Corie Won a Billion Dollars Yesterday with One Phone Call

You've probably heard stories like this one before. Someone calls from a company like "Publishers Clearing House" claiming that YOU'VE WON a boat load of money... and a boat to haul it in! The only catch is that they need you to wire them the taxes immediately so they can send you the cash! I...
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Were you one of the many people who qualified for the Strait to Vegas contest from the Wolf?? A WINNER has been chosen! Listen below to see if it's YOU!
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Headline Challenge Thurs Aug 25

Every morning, some of our smartest, most knowledgeable listeners have the opportunity to compete against Corie in a Headline Challenge. JKJK, it doesn't take much to stump her! We rip questions out of the day's top stories for a chance to win prizes! Today, Ryan from Winston-Salem went head to...
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