Did Your Honeymoon Cost More or Less Than Chase's?

As Chase is getting ready to set sail on his honeymoon, we find out how much it cost him for 10 days. Plus, Wolf Nation calls in to share to their honeymoon trips, tips, and how one woman was upgraded to first class FOR FREE. (Note: We don't recommend you try this at home.)
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Wolf Nation Writes Chase's Wedding Vows

Chase's is wedding is now: 16 days away!!! As he and his fiance Kelsey wrap up all the wedding planning, there is only a few things left to do; one of those things is for Chase to write his vows. But he has a case of writer's block, so we reached out to Wolf Nation to help him write them. How do...
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Do You Accept Late RSVP's...To Your Wedding?

We are about 24 days away from Chase's wedding and the RSVP date has long passed (about 2 weeks ago!), but he JUST got one back in the mail...saying that they will be attending. Is the RSVP deadline a hard line in the sand or do you make exceptions? We asked Wolf Nation to weigh in and help Chase...
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Have You Ever Been Wedding Shamed?

Have you ever been wedding shamed? There's a Facebook page where people do just that...slam other people's weddings and point out things they don't like about it. Yeah, seems weird to us, too. But here we are & with Chase's wedding 38 days away we're counting down until we watch him say "I do...
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Do Bride & Grooms Get Each Other Presents For Their Wedding Day?

Chase randomly asked Dale & Amy this question off the mic to which they both had an immediate answer, but wanted Wolf Nation to weigh in. His question? "Do the bride and groom get each other a wedding present?"
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Is It Tacky To Ask For Money To Help Pay For Your Wedding?

There are two weddings happening with the Wake Up With The Wolf crew. Amy is the Maid of Honor in her friend's wedding (her first and only wedding party experience), and Chase is wrapping up the final plans for his September wedding! After a news story goes viral because the couple is asking for...
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How Much Does It Cost To Be A Bridesmaid?

Weddings can be expensive, even if you're not the one getting married! Chase gets married in September and Amy is the Maid of Honor for her best friend's wedding in June. The Wake Up With the Wolf show talks about the expense of it all, and what things are a "must" when it comes to the events...
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Wedding Proposal

Wholesome Grandpa Records Himself Instead of Marriage Proposal

Can you imagine this happening to you? A guy in New Mexico proposed to his girlfriend at the top of a mountain recently, and asked an elderly man to record it for him. Sounds cool so far, right? But the man recorded the whole thing in selfie mode without realizing all he got was a video of...
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Married Couple

So many engagements, so many brides...which bride are you?

How cool is this?! The Wolf's Frankie and Chase both recently got engaged...but...not to each While they spend the summer planning their respective weddings, we wanna know, what bride are you? For the record, Chase got Bridezilla...
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Why Getting Into 'Proposal Shape' Is the Latest Wedding Trend

The latest wedding trend might seem like a bit of a stretch, however, it seems most brides to be are now getting into proposal shape.
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