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Garth Brooks

Wake Up With The Wolf Show: Garth Brooks Talks Touring, Willie Nelson & Marriage

Garth Brooks tickets now on sale!!! He joins the show to talk about wrapping up his Dive Bar Tour and kicking off his stadium tour (he'll be in Charlotte on May 2nd). We also find out if he ever got to indulge with Willie Nelson, what it meant to have George Strait hand him the ACM "Artist of the...
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Wake Up With The Wolf Show: Is This Amy's "Friends With Benefits"?

It's Amy's Friday and we start it off talking social media and Unicorn Meteor Showers. We ask the question: can men and women truly "just be friends" and discuss the real reason Guilford County School Bus drivers are striking.
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Chase Is Back From His Honeymoon!

After 11 days, Chase returns from his honeymoon with tales of "anything goes in Cozumel." We also talk why you should go through the papers you keep piling up and the stupid ways we injured ourselves. Plus, an update on Dale's dating life!
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A Listener Called Into The Show & Asked Out Dale...Should He Go?

After multiple women have DM'd Amy inquiring on Dale's interest in dating someone, she tells the women to shoot their shot directly with Dale. Which is exactly what Tamara did when she called the show this morning to ask Dale out. Hear it happen and then tell us: Should Dale go on a date with...
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Wolf Nation Writes Chase's Wedding Vows

Chase's is wedding is now: 16 days away!!! As he and his fiance Kelsey wrap up all the wedding planning, there is only a few things left to do; one of those things is for Chase to write his vows. But he has a case of writer's block, so we reached out to Wolf Nation to help him write them. How do...
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Does Dale Have A Secret Girlfriend?

This morning on the Wake Up With The Wolf Show, Dale was sharing a story about a homeless man who banged on his car window when he was at a redlight on Wendover. But he may have accidentally revealed something...does Dale have a secret girlfriend?
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What Color Hair Should Amy Get?

I go next week to get my hair done and can't decide on a color. I'm currently a "peacock green". What should I do next?!
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Who Will Win The Swear Jar Challenge?

40% (2 votes)
40% (2 votes)
20% (1 vote)
Total votes: 5
New year, new us. The Wake Up With The Wolf Show is cleaning up their language! Thanks to Dale's new year resolution to swear less, the entire show decided to hop on board and now we all have a swear jar. So here's how it works: Every swear word is 25 cents into the jar. The contest runs up to 12/...
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New Doritos, Strong Enough For a Man, But Made for a Woman

The CEO of Doritos has just announced something new for Doritos this year. They say 2018 is the year for women and apparently Doritos is jumping right on this bandwagon with a new chip built with women in mind. The new chip will be less crunchy and have less cheese powder. Doritos, owned by Pepsi...
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Don't Call Her a Bad Mom, She'll Knock Out Your Tooth

So this guy went to a strip club... and thought it'd be a good idea to tell the stripper that she was a bad mom. Ok, so maybe he made this assumption based on her career choices. However, it's probably never a good idea to assume anything about someone else's personal life or parental qualities...
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