Vocal music

Brantley Gilbert

TONIGHT: Brantley Gilbert in Greensboro - and we're pumped!

Ya know, it's really cool working here at The Wolf - for plenty of reasons...but for the sake of time, let me focus on just one reason... We get to help artists become really big deals... Yesterday I shared our history with Justin Moore...now, tonight, we welcome Brantley Gilbert back to Wolf...
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What the heck is up with Mariah Carey?

Smell ya later, 2016! Seriously. Not to be outdone by all the celebrity deaths, political butthurt and other random drama over the past 12 months, Mariah Carey had to end 2016 with a bang ... What the heck is going on here? Video of Mariah Carey New Years Eve 2016 2017 Watching this video sorta...
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Rascal Flatts with Clay & Corie

Ruttin' with Rascal Flatts

During our #CMACountdown coverage, we get the pleasure of running into the biggest stars in country music - but every single person asks these artists the same questions, like what's their favorite cupcake flavor or what artist is their biggest influence ...but whenever I get to see Rascal Flatts,...
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