Chrissy Teigen Reveals Star Treatment That Celebs Get in Slew of Tweets

Chrissy Teigen has completely pulled the curtain back on what it’s like being a celebrity. In an extensive Q&A session on Twitter over the weekend, the outspoken star gave insight on everything from how she name-drops to get dinner reservations, the secret airport terminal A-listers get to use...
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Luke Combs' Fiancée Nicole Hocking Claps Back at Haters

Nicole Hocking , the fiancée of singer Luke Combs has had enough of rude comments on Twitter, but she has an offer to all those with something “less than pleasant” to say. The Florida native fired back at those who have felt the need to weigh in on her “dating a bigger guy,” delivering a perfectly...
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Maren Morris Tells a Twitter Troll To Say it To Her Face... and Invites Him Over!

Maren Morris is known for her SASS... and this is by far one of her best drop the mic moments! hahaha One fan tweeted this to Maren Morris in response to her bikini pic... This place blows. -- — MAREN MORRIS (@MarenMorris) November 30, 2017 Please tell me you didn't get a...
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LAS VEGAS: Chris Young took cover in trailer

Chris Young was slated to appear at last night's sold-out Las Vegas Route 91 Festival , and was backstage just after midnight this morning (October 2, 2017) when the gunman opened fire. Young says he sought safety in a backstage trailer. Spent I don't know how long on the floor of a trailer behind...
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LAS VEGAS: Jake Owen's message to his daughter

What makes country music so great is the fact that we're all just one big family. Generations of musicians with giant hearts, who consider their fans family . So it's heartbreaking when you see members of your family scared, full of fear, and uncertain of the outcome of what's happening around them...
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Country Stars React To the Oscars

The 89th Academy Awards took place Sunday, February 26 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The Oscars, like any other live award show, had its funny, shocking, and awkward moments (like announcing the wrong movie winner for best picture…!)Plenty of country stars tuned in to see what films would be...
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Super Bowl 2017 Champion

Broken Records and other Super Bowl Fun Facts!

It's in the history books - New England broke records by pushing the Super Bowl into overtime last night - but that's not the only record. I hit the interwebs to see how many other records were broken during New England's last-half beatdown...check this out: Elias Sports Bureau reports that 24 new...
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Teacher Back To School

School Employee Fired for Spelling Correction

A Maryland School Employee recently responded to a tweet from a student and lost her job because of it. The student tweeted "close school tammarow PLEASE". Katie Nash, who was responsible for the school's twitter account at the time, responded with "But then how would you learn how to spell '...
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Donald Trump Hands Up

Trump Promisses to Use Twitter Restraint

Anyone who uses Twitter and has been following the election... even just a little bit, has surely been tuned into Donald Trump's tweetastic extremism. In fact, Trump has a long history of starting twitter wars with various celebs and public figures. He's also known for tweeting about things you'd...
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Blake Shelton - Does His Apology Matter To You?

I'm sure you heard the new news about Blake Shelton (finally something other than his love triangle).... A series of offensive tweets have surfaced from 8 or so years ago and people are, rightfully, really upset. He has made an official apology and we're hoping everyone can just move forward now...
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