People Are Tipping Delivery Drivers Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer

People across the United States are now tipping their delivery drivers toilet paper and hand sanitizer. A video on TikTok shows the kind gesture.
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Do You Contribute To The Tip Jar At FroYo Places?

Every where you go you'll most likely see one of these: a tip jar. But do all jobs really warrant a tip?! Over the weekend, Amy was at one of those serve yourself froyo places...actually twice, because she was full on fat kid. The first night she noticed the tip jar. The second night, she paid with...
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Should You Be Tipping Your Flight Attendants?

The plane ticket. Sometimes you're paying for the seat you want. Checking a bag? That's going to cost you, too. And now, you can add cash to tip the flight attendant as something else to add to the price of your flight. Frontier Airlines announced that flight attendants will now be focusing on...
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