Throwback Thursday

Do You Remember The Theme And Song Of Your High School Prom?

Every Thursday, the Wake Up With The Wolf Show likes to take a trip down memory lane. This week, they discussesd prom! Dale went to 3 and can't remember a single thing about them except that he fun, Amy went to her 11th grade prom and the prettiest girl in the school had on the same dress, and...
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What Was Your Awkward First Email Address? #TBT

Remember the days of popping the AOL disc into your computer and waiting for the dial connection to actually connect?! Those were the good old days of the internet, the days when you really felt anoynmous and like the decisions you made weren't going to follow you through life.'s your...
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Wolf Nation Shares Their First Concert For #TBT

In honor of Throwback Thursday, the Wake Up With The Wolf show reminisces about their first concert experiences. Whether it was hearing your favorite artist live for the first time, or sharing a a moment with friends or family, it's amazing the effect that a killer show can have on you. Then Wolf...
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Rodney Atkins

Throwback Thursday: The time Rodney Adkins played LIVE in The Wolf's Den

Ever sit around and wonder what happened to so-and-so? I was thinking about Rodney Adkins the other day - and recalled a conversation he and I had a few months back. He and I were talking about the importance of being a good daddy to our youngin's. Certainly, he's got a little more experience than...
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Why Today Doesn't Suck

Our favorite portion of the Wake Up With the Wolf Show - Why Today Doesn't Suck! Every morning you are given a very important choice - you can either let the Negative Nancy's in your life drag you down.... OR you can make a mental list of the good things in your life and shield off thebutthurt! We...
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Take a Musical Oasis for TBT

With another night of riots in the streets of Charlotte, this morning we were at a loss for words. So often we feel like we have to come up with just the right words be able to change the world ... we have to formulate the harshest of opinions and try to convert as many people as possible to agree...
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Ultimate 90's - 2000's Throwback Thursday Quiz!

You think you know your Country Music Facts from the 90's - 2000's? Take this ULTIMATE THROWBACK THURSDAY QUIZ and find out!!!
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LIST: Feel-Good All-American Throwback Thursday

On this morning's Wake Up With The Wolf Show, in light of political and social division and constant butt-hurt, we pulled out some of our favorite country songs that remind us of how awesome it is to be an American, and a Carolinian. In case you missed the show, here's our home-grown playlist!...
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