What Birthday Was The Most Stressful For You?

Ok, Chase is 27, Amy is 33, Dale is 57...and we've all had that age that we stressed about...or we're stressing about turning. For Dale it's 60. He thinks that will be the age that he really needs to sit down and reflect on his life. Amy wasn't a fan of 26...for no real absolute reason other than "...
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5 Weird Things To Help You Be Less Stressed

Everyone is stressed, but here we aspire to be less stressed. Which is why we were geeked up when we first saw the headline: 5 Ways To Be Less Stressed 1. Washing the dishes . A 2014 study found that people who practiced being mindful while washing dishes . . . like by smelling the soap and feeling...
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Here Are the Most Stressed-Out Cities in America

Life is stressful. So much so, that we're actually ranking how stressed-out our cities are now.
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