What Does Mom Really Want For Mother's Day?

Every year it's the same question: "What am I going to get Mom for Mother's Day?" Or maybe you just straight up ask her what she wants. But year after year, magazines and blogs tell us what "mom really wants..." according to random people that they've polled god knows where and god knows how long...
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Ask Dale: Should Kids Be Paid To Help With Spring Cleaning?

If you've listened to the Wake Up With The Wolf show before you already know this: Dale has the answers! And every week, Dale's inbox is full of listeners asking him what should they do. This week, a woman emailed in after her and her husband were telling their 5 children that they would need to...
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Five Things to Look Forward to in March

It's March 1st! Here are some things to look forward to this month: 1. Chnging the clocks. Daylight Saving Time officially begins on March 10th. And even though we lose an hour of sleep that night, a lot of people prefer the switch because it stays light out later. 2. March Madness gets under way...
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Read This Immediately If You Updated Your Phone to iOS 10

If you have an iPhone, you'll want to read this. Lots of folks have noticed their data has gone wacky. One reader has noted that their family has a 15 GB plan, and usually never go over that, as most of their phone use is on WiFi. Since the last update over the past billing cycle, they were hit...
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