PROUD of Winston-Salem's Kathleen Baker!

We're SUPER PROUD of Winston-Salem's Kathleen Baker and her silver medal win in Rio for the women's 100m backstroke! The 19 year old has overcome adversity, as she's gone on record saying that at times she worried that Crohn's Disease would get in the way of her dreams of making it to the Olympics...
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Headline Challenge Monday 8/8/16

Shaun and Julie see if they have what it takes to take Corie down in this morning's headline challenge. They battle it out for tickets to see the Dixie Chicks and Zac Brown Band live in concert! ​Game One Not sure if this is a sign of bad luck or not…but Dancing With The Stars’ Kym Johnson’s...
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Team USA rules the pool!

It was a huge night for celebration in Rio as Team USA dominated in the water! They picked up two golds and three bronze medals Sunday, led by Ledecky's world-record 400m freestyle and the men's 4x100 relay victory over France. Check out these cool pics from the pool, which remind us all that,...
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Let The Games Begin!

THIS is the one thing I look forward to every four years ...not the political craziness, but the incredible pagentry and flat-out show of human awesomeness that comes with the Olympic summer games. Here's what's happening: The 2016 Summer Games officially kicked off Friday with a colorful opening...
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Washington Nationals

Baby or Foul Ball...or both?

So our summer intern Josh was showing this video of a foul ball going into the stands during a Nationals game the other evening -- the dad was able to catch the ball with one hand, while still feeding his baby in the other. This lead to a very deep discussion on what's more important - a foul ball...
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Super Bowl Trophy

The Super Bowl is coming to Atlanta!

Congrats to our southern brothers and sisters in Atlanta...they won the bid to host the 2019 Super Bowl! I don't know about you, but when ever anything good happens in the South, we're super proud! It's like Atlanta is our big brother or a much bigger, super scary big brother...
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