Should Guilford County Ban Vaping?

According to LinkedIn, a mysterious vaping illness has now killed 7 people and sickened up to 530 more in 38 states across the U.S. Federal health officials say they still don't know what's causing the "dangerous respriratory" disease, but they are leaving "no stone unturned" according to Bloomberg...
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Did You Hear What Disney Is Banning In Their Theme Parks?

They had made the announcement quite some time ago, but it's finally official: Disney has banned smoking in their theme parks. While you will still be able to smoke at the designated areas in the resorts and hotels, you will have to exit the park and reenter in order to grab a quick puff in between...
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Explosive Way to Remove Smoke Scent

Did you ever try to hide anything from your parents as a teenager? Do you think your parents already knew everything you tried to hide? A teenager in Germany thought he could outsmart his parents by covering up the scent of his smoking inside of his car. He sprayed a bunch of air freshener inside...
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