8 Apps to Help Families Survive the Holiday Season

Smartphone apps already help you get around your hometown, find restaurants, and entertain yourself during downtime, while your kids likely already have their own favorites. So why not rely on them to help you and your offspring during the most harried time of the year? Winter holiday travel doesn’...
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The Competitive Nature of Heads Up

Every morning, around 9am, Dale Amy & Chase start playing "Heads Up" on Dale's phone. The point of the game is to give Player 1 clues about the thing (person, place, movie, etc) that is showing on the screen and they have to correctly guess. Well every morning, Amy starts getting mad because...
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TIPS: Using Your Smartphone To Take Photos of Monday's Eclipse

NASA says that you CAN take pictures of Monday's eclipse with your smartphone, but you'll want to remember a few tips before the eclipse.
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