randy houser

Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, and Randy Houser Weigh In on Mask 'Double Standard'

Randy Houser aired his frustrations on social media featuring a side-by-side photo of a packed airplane with an empty theater. “Anybody see a problem?” he asked.
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BLOG: Top 10 Country Eclipse Songs

It's a shame there's only 2 minutes of total darkness this afternoon, because there are so many great eclipse-themed songs that would be perfect to play today during this historic total eclipse... like: 1.) Brooks & Dunn - Neon Moon 2.) Kenny Chesney - When The Sun Goes Down 3.) Luke Bryan -...
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Randy Houser

Randy Houser's new 'Wedding Tattoo'

It's always dangerous to get a tattoo honoring the love of your life. I mean, a tattoo is SO permanent. And yet, RANDY HOUSER and his wife Tatiana went for it . . . and even put them on their left ring fingers. Where the wedding bands go. He got the letter "T" and she got an "R." I don't think I...
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