Morgan Freeman Is the Celebrity People Most Want to See as President

Morgan Freeman is the celebrity people most want to see as president of the United States. The survey also reports where other celebrities stand on the list.
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Faded American Flag

You Think You Know Your Candidates?

You think you know your candidates for this most historical election? Take this quiz and find out!
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Make America Bark Again!

This whole election season we've been concerned with maybe not being 100% sold on either of the main Presidental Candidates... Well there may be another obvious option we're not considering. In Minnesota, a little fella who goes by the name of Duke, is now running for his third term as mayor in the...
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Toby Keith For President?!?

Toby Keith is filthy rich... we all know this, right? Because he's a mega Country Music Legend! But, apparently he also owns a piece of Big Machine Record Label - which signed Taylor Swift as a teenager. In a recent interview, Keith claimed that he can live more than comfortably just on the...
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