Tips For Getting Rid Of Your Sunburn Faster

Yahoo News claims people are putting shaving cream on their Independence Day sunburns because of a 2018 Facebook post that recently went viral. A woman posted a 'before' and 'after' picture of her burnt back. Her sunburn went away after she slathered Gillette Foamy Menthol Shaving Cream on her back...
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So people really think this way about speedos?

A new survey shows that almost 50% of Americans are totally fine with men wearing tiny speedos to the beach. In our opinion men should never wear a tiny speedo 100% of the time.
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What to wear to the pool or beach this summer?

Jill is trying to figure out which bathing suit in her giant bag of clothes she should be wearing this summer and we think she's gonna go with her gut when making this decision.
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Summer Pool

No Pool Membership? No Problem!

The Wolf has your summer pool plans covered for you and Clay & Jill have the inside scoop on how to get into local pools for FREE! It's even easier than you would think.
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