WATCH: 21 Photos from the final debate

The Presidental Debates were in Vegas last night, and if you put your money on Trump and Clinton not shaking hands during the event, you would have cashed in! Every news outlet across the globe is postulating and picking apart the moments from last night's event, playing back soundbites over and...
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Best Joke You'll Hear All Day

The best joke you'll hear all day from one of our Wolf listeners! "If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean... who survives??...................AMERICA... America Survives!" Best Political Joke
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Another night of protests in Charlotte

It's been a chaotic few weeks in Carolina, so hearing the word peace and Charlotte in the same sentence is more than a welcome site for most of us. Last night, there were more handshakes and hugs than looting and fires. Even though the city announced a curfew would go into effect after midnight,...
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Hillary, ALIVE in GSO Tomorrow

A news anchor made quite a slip of the tongue last week when he reported that Hillary Clinton was dead, and her doctor had diagnosed her with pneumonia. WOW, REALLY?!? That got us thinking. While we are happy to hear that she is in fact, Alive and Well... what would happen if a Presidential...
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Bonding Over Wang Jokes

A Florida news station posted an image on their web and social media showing their anticipated areas to be affected by the large tropical storm. What they didn't realize until over 53K comments later is that the image looked like... well a you know what! What gets me is that in a climate of angry...
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Make America Bark Again!

This whole election season we've been concerned with maybe not being 100% sold on either of the main Presidental Candidates... Well there may be another obvious option we're not considering. In Minnesota, a little fella who goes by the name of Duke, is now running for his third term as mayor in the...
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Politics? We Only Want to Hear About Puppies and Cookies!

We're tired of hearing about Tonald Drump and Chillary Hinton! We find ourselves avoiding political talks all together because no matter what you say someone gets offended! How much better would politics be if we instead referred to them as Puppies and Choc.Chip Cookies?? Let's try it out shall we...
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Nashville: Can We Please Get Along?

Let's face it - country music is at a strage cross roads. What's more, the people who are listening to country music are as polarized as ever too! You have the folks who love traditional country and hate the new stuff, and you have the folks who love the new stuff and hate the tradition stuff. I'm...
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Kim Kardashian at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

How to stop terrorism!

So the Iranian government believes Kim Kardashian is secret agent, sent to corrupt the morals of women and children...no, really.
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