Families form 'pods' to maximize learning, socialization during COVID-19 pandemic

As COVID-19 puts a halt to traditional learning, some families are coming up with their own ways to help their kids get not only education, but also socialization, while also keeping health guidelines in mind.
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Disney fans donate almost $50,000 to food bank to help laid off park employees

Tom and Sarah Bricker, a couple who runs a Disney blog, wanted to take action and help when they heard the news about Disney employees. Disney fans have donated almost $50,000 to a food bank.
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Exploring 'open air' schools, used during tuberculosis outbreak

In 2020, classrooms are going virtual due to coronavirus. But in the 1900s, as tuberculosis raged through the population, children still needed to go to school. One solution was open air school. Read more here.
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Dr. Fauci names 3 'higher risk' places to avoid during the COVID-19 pandemic

As businesses across the nation have been operating, as usual, Dr. Anthony Fauci is issuing a dire warning. The doctor recommended avoiding these places during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Jude Law Said 'Contagion' Consultants Warned Him Real-Life Pandemic Was 'Matter of When, Not If'

Jude Law, who starred in the 2011 film about a worldwide pandemic ‘Contagion,’ said on-set consultants told him that a real-life pandemic was a matter of ‘when, not if.’ Read more now.
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How to Keep Saving Money Once the Coronavirus Pandemic Ends

The COVID-19 virus has rapidly spread throughout the world while financially devastating almost 45 million unemployed Americans. Did you save your money during the pandemic?
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93.1 The Wolf's Info Blasts

93.1 The Wolf is keeping you up to date during the COVID-19 outbreak. We have compiled a list of things we think might help you during this time
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We here at 93.1 The Wolf are not health professionals but just like anyone else we are trying to find answers and tips for surviving this dreaded Coronavirus that’s sweeping through our little slice of heaven here in Carolina. We’ve pulled together (from notable sources) some things we think you...
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