New Music Friday

Five Things: North Carolina Is 1 of 6 States That Has This Divorce Law

1) Today is National Taco Day! Hard shell taco lovers eat 7.3 tacos on average in a month Soft shell taco lovers eat 6.9 tacos on average in a month Which do you prefer? 2) The Joker Is No Joke The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain is warning parents not to bring young children to see Joker. The...
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Five Things: Including New Music, Show Anniversaries, And Aliens

New Music Friday We have new music from The Zac Brown Band…their album “The Owl” out today! The 25th Anniversary of the show Friends is Sunday Though it's leaving Netflix, you still have some time to watch it. You know...if you're plan is to be hungover and lay on the couch all day Sunday:) AB...
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