Should it Cost More to Weekend Binge Watch?

Binge watching entire seasons of show has become the new TV time. We're doing less scheduled TV show watching daily and instead devoting more large blocks of time weekly or on weekends to watching entire seasons of shows at a time. If you're busy like us through the week, most of your binging...
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13 Reasons Why - The Show that's Getting Teens Talking to Parents

I'm an avid Netflix binger! I love stumbling across a new indie style Netflix show that doesn't seem to follow the rules of network TV or have the over-the-top Hollywood blockbuster effect that premium channel shows do. So, when my Netflix account suggested this new series to me, it wasn't out of...
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Science Tells Us What We're Doing Wrong

Scientist are claiming that eating a few bites of ice cream first thing in the morning is GOOD for you! WOOO! However, they also put together a list of things that are BAD for you that you wouldn't think of directly... of course! 1 - Oversleeping 2 - Over training 3 - Wearing the wrong shoes 4 -...
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Home Alone

Things to do when home alone

Clay is going to have the house to himself for the weekend and has no idea what to do with his time. He'll probably splurge on multiple cookout trays and watch a few seasons on Netflix if he can't figure out any better ideas..... and that sounds just like paradise.
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