NC State Fair

Five Things: What They're Putting On The Corn At The NC State Fair

1) Today is Name Your Car Day! A survey by DMEautomotive reveals that 40% of younger car owners have a nickname for their car. Other findings: - women are more likely than men to name their car (23% to 18%) - 49% of people identify their car as either male or female - 88% of women view their...
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Name that Horrible Boss Game

Since it's National Bosses Day - Rick and Ron competed in the Name that Horrible Boss Game this morning for tickets to the NC State Fair ! You think you know your TV horrible bosses? Listen and test your knowledge! Horrible Bosses Challenge
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Ryan Competes in Wedding Movie Scene Trivia

With the news of Shia LeBeouf's Vegas Wedding - Ryan competed against Corie this morning in a special game of Wedding Movie Scene Trivia ! He played for the ULTIMATE STATE FAIR PRIZE PACK - including a 4 pack of unlimited rides wrist bands and State Fair T-shirts! Listen to see how he did!
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