Backstreet Boys Have Gone Country with Florida Georgia Line

The record-breaking country duo, Florida Georgia Line, has announced their new single, “God, Your Mama, And Me,” featuring the Backstreet Boys. The knockout collaboration leaves fans with an iconic pairing and shows us how important the ‘90s boy band’s influence was on Tyler Hubbard and Brian...
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What the heck is up with Mariah Carey?

Smell ya later, 2016! Seriously. Not to be outdone by all the celebrity deaths, political butthurt and other random drama over the past 12 months, Mariah Carey had to end 2016 with a bang ... What the heck is going on here? Video of Mariah Carey New Years Eve 2016 2017 Watching this video sorta...
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Garth Brooks with Clay & Corie

We speak it into existence with Garth Brooks!

HOLY GARTH BROOKS! OK - now that's out of the way, real deal, would you feel bad if you won CMA Entertainer of the Year on the 50th Anniversary of the awards show, and beat out Garth Brooks?! On second thought, maybe my inner Garth fan boy is coming out, but c'mon - listen as we speak his...
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Keith Urban with Clay & Corie

50 Years of Keith Urban's Dreams

When you see an artist like Keith Urban on American Idol, or live in concert, it's hard to imagine him having anything simple. You'd think he's always busy, noisy, and full of chaos, but when we sat around with him today during our #CMACountdown coverage, we asked him about why the 50th CMA Awards...
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Rascal Flatts with Clay & Corie

Ruttin' with Rascal Flatts

During our #CMACountdown coverage, we get the pleasure of running into the biggest stars in country music - but every single person asks these artists the same questions, like what's their favorite cupcake flavor or what artist is their biggest influence ...but whenever I get to see Rascal Flatts,...
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Mix CD

Corie's 'Rhythm and Rhymes of Country and Crime' Playlist

Earlier in this morning’s show, we talked about how we have a “High in the mid 90’s” weekend coming up and Clay called me out about my extensive 90’s CD collection from middle school, proudly titled “Corie’s Rhythm and Rhymes of Country and Crime”. I DO have said CD and here is a snap shot of what...
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Nashville: Can We Please Get Along?

Let's face it - country music is at a strage cross roads. What's more, the people who are listening to country music are as polarized as ever too! You have the folks who love traditional country and hate the new stuff, and you have the folks who love the new stuff and hate the tradition stuff. I'm...
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