Rascal Flatts with Clay & Corie

Ruttin' with Rascal Flatts

During our #CMACountdown coverage, we get the pleasure of running into the biggest stars in country music - but every single person asks these artists the same questions, like what's their favorite cupcake flavor or what artist is their biggest influence ...but whenever I get to see Rascal Flatts,...
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Mix CD

Corie's 'Rhythm and Rhymes of Country and Crime' Playlist

Earlier in this morning’s show, we talked about how we have a “High in the mid 90’s” weekend coming up and Clay called me out about my extensive 90’s CD collection from middle school, proudly titled “Corie’s Rhythm and Rhymes of Country and Crime”. I DO have said CD and here is a snap shot of what...
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Nashville: Can We Please Get Along?

Let's face it - country music is at a strage cross roads. What's more, the people who are listening to country music are as polarized as ever too! You have the folks who love traditional country and hate the new stuff, and you have the folks who love the new stuff and hate the tradition stuff. I'm...
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