Why People Are Crying At Avengers Endgame

Dale went opening weekend and Amy went over the weekend, and now 2/3 of the Wake Up With The Wolf Show have seen Avengers Endgame. The most unexpected part was how many people were crying in the movie theater! Amy's stance is that the whole thing is so unbelievable how can you even relate enough to...
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Can You Name The Movie That Features This Famous Line?

Inspired by the Oscars and a conversation about the best movie lines, Dale, Amy & Chase share their favorite movie quotes. And it turns out, you also have some favorites. Whether is was a well known line in Dirty Harry or a quote from some obscure movie, Wolf Nation called in to share and the...
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'Halloween' Sequel Trailer Returns Jamie Lee Curtis to Iconic Laurie Strode Role

Decades after first being terrorized by Michael Myers, Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode is back in 2018's Halloween . A new trailer for the film, which comes from director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride, debuted last week. Curtis shared her excitement about the trailer via Twitter: “...
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