Mother's Day

Little Debbie Celebrating Mother's Day With Strawberry and Lemon Cakes

Looking for the perfect mother’s day treat? Look no further than Little Debbie cakes. Two flavors, strawberry and lemon, have been specifically released with the holiday in mind. Read more about where to get them!
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What Does Mom Really Want For Mother's Day?

Every year it's the same question: "What am I going to get Mom for Mother's Day?" Or maybe you just straight up ask her what she wants. But year after year, magazines and blogs tell us what "mom really wants..." according to random people that they've polled god knows where and god knows how long...
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Letter From Mom: The Truth About What She Wants This Year

You've seen tons of these before... these things on social media that are meant to be heartfelt and ask you to share if you love Jesus, or share if you love your kids. I normally just roll my eyes and scroll on past it, but this one kind of got me. When I saw this "share post" a few times from...
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Classic Things You Know Your Mom Does

As Mother's Day approaches, we got to thinking about all the "Classic Mom Moves" that all of our Mom's do... those quirky little things that drove us crazy when we were young, but are so endearing to us now as adults! Check out this list and share if your Mom does these! 1. She has joined the smart...
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Safest Mother's Day Gifts

Every year you fret over what to get Mom for Mother's Day... something that's thoughtful and not the same ol' gift you got last year, and the year before! Well, a new study revealed a list of gifts that Mom really wants. You may be surprised to learn that maybe Mom does want the same ol' thing...
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Soccer Mom

Who's your favorite TV Mom?

Mother's Day is fast approaching - so we'd be crazy to leave out the second-most important Mom in our lives - the ones on TV! Which TV Mom is your favorite? Take our quiz and see!
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