What Does Mom Really Want For Mother's Day?

Every year it's the same question: "What am I going to get Mom for Mother's Day?" Or maybe you just straight up ask her what she wants. But year after year, magazines and blogs tell us what "mom really wants..." according to random people that they've polled god knows where and god knows how long...
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Someone on The Wake Up With The Wolf Show Makes a Major Change

Someone on the Wake Up With The Wolf Show makes a major change! It was one of those "you better prepare yourself" for this moments. But it's now officially weird for at least the next week and a half. Oh, and their mom isn't happy about it either.
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Soccer Mom

Who's your favorite TV Mom?

Mother's Day is fast approaching - so we'd be crazy to leave out the second-most important Mom in our lives - the ones on TV! Which TV Mom is your favorite? Take our quiz and see!
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Dad's Get More Credit!

Recently in Ohio, a Father was enjoying breakfast with his small Son at Cracker Barrel. He noticed an older couple staring at them the entire time, smiling. He thought it was strange until he got to his car and noticed a note on his windshield that read “Today your meal is on my wife and me. Enjoy...
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Hero Salute to Donna's Mom

Several time a week we like to take a moment to recognize the Heroes in our lives. Whether they're small town local heroes or big time celebrity heroes... they set the bar a little higher for the rest of us and we salute them! We love when one of our listeners sends in a story of someone they feel...
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