Michael Phelps

Luke Bryan Superbowl 51

Luke Bryan Challenges Michael Phelps...to a Swim Off?

To celebrate an excellent National Anthem performance at the Superbowl, Luke Bryan did what many of us would do, knocked back a few beers. Apparently Mr. Bryan was feeling pretty good after "a few" more beers as he made a memorable night... or perhaps a not so memorable night. His wife needed to...
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Phelps to Pay $55,000

The infamous Michael Phelps may have racked up the Olympic Medals in Rio, but how much money does he actually make for winning? The answer may actually surprise you! USA Olympic Medalists collect $25,000 for Gold, $15,000 for Silver, and $10,000 for Bronze - which sounds like a dream... especially...
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ICYMI - Headline Challenge Monday 8/15

In case you missed it on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show this morning - Jennifer from Walkertown and Sarah from Martinsville competed against Corie for Wet and Wild Emerald Point Tickets! Do you think you have what it takes to take down Corie?? See if they did by playing the audio below! Headline...
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What Get's Michael Phelps Pumped?

Ever wondered what athletes like Michael Phelps are listening to right before they compete? What gets them in the ZONE? Michael Phelps has admitted that Eric Church is rocking in his headphones pre-pool and we're not surprised! He really gets us amped up too!
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