Is It Tacky To Ask For Money To Help Pay For Your Wedding?

There are two weddings happening with the Wake Up With The Wolf crew. Amy is the Maid of Honor in her friend's wedding (her first and only wedding party experience), and Chase is wrapping up the final plans for his September wedding! After a news story goes viral because the couple is asking for...
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A Couple Decides To Get Married On Their First Date

A Couple Decides To Get Married On Their First Date. Plus, the Wolf Nation shares their stories of how quickly they realized their spouse was "The One."
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Should A Hall Pass Be Allowed In A Marriage?

In this edition of "Dear Dale," a listener emailed in asking for Dale's advice regarding a hall pass in her marriage...for celebrities. Her husband says that even saying you have celebrity hall passes shouldn't be a thing or allowed and she thinks it's just harmless fun...what do you think?
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How Millennials Are Ruining Divorce

It turns out waiting is a good thing
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The Key to a Happy Marriage May Be Your Height

A new study is saying something as simple as you and your spouse's height may play a large part in if your marriage will be a happy one.
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