Windy Day Trash Blows Over

Kid Learns That Chores Can Be Difficult

If you're a parent you know the struggle all too well - trying to get your kids to help out with the daily chores. Every once in a while you have to kind of feel bad for them when things go wrong.. and they really are trying their best! Video of Kid Struggles with Trashcan on Windy Day
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City Hall Building

Sometimes We Just Need a Good Laugh

Things have been a little tense lately... Sometimes you just need to let go and have a good laugh! Video of Mayor farts during public meeting
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Bonding Over Wang Jokes

A Florida news station posted an image on their web and social media showing their anticipated areas to be affected by the large tropical storm. What they didn't realize until over 53K comments later is that the image looked like... well a you know what! What gets me is that in a climate of angry...
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