Kernersville, North Carolina

Thanks for honking at us Kernersville!

Thank you to everyone who came out this Monday to the Gabe's parking lot . We were glad to see all the fans who came out Also a special thank you to the fans who honked and waved at us from the street Thank you all for being part of the Wolf nation
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The Voice's Ciera Dumas Stops By The Studio!

Straight from Kernersville, aka K Vegas, The Voice 's Ciera Dumas stops by The Wolf to talk about pursuing her dreams and what it was like to work with Adam Levine, Bebe Rexha and more! You can catch Ciera LIVE this Friday (May 3rd) at Kernersville Spring Folly when she takes the stage Friday night...
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How Attractive Are You Really?

If you had to rate your phsyical appearance on a scale of 1-10, where would you say you land? There's one can't use a "7." Dale, Amy & Chase--self proclaimed 5's--discuss attractiveness and Wolf Nation weighs in...with a secret on what town you'll always be considered a "9" in!
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Police Officer

Kernersville supports #BacktheBlue

A caller from Kernersville let's us know about his support of his father and other police officers in the area! You can click here to look at pictures from yesterday when Jill and TRAXX visited the High Point Police Department. Click here to find the Wake Up with the Wolf show tutorial on how to...
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