I Should Go To Church Sometime

EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Farr Reveals What He Wants Fans to Take Away From New Single

What could you be giving back? That is the exact question Tyler Farr wants you to ask yourself while listening to his brand new single. " I Should Go To Church Sometime " is the first track to be released from the country singer's forthcoming album. When you hear "I Should Go To Church Sometime"...
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EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Farr's 'I Should Go To Church Sometime' Sets The Tone For New Album

Tyler Farr ' s single, " I Should Go To Church Somtetime ," strikes a more vulnerable side to the singer.
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EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Farr Talks Personal Meaning Behind New Single, 'I Should Go to Church Sometime'

Tyler Farr 's new single, " I Should Go To Church Sometime ," shows a different side to him as an artist. The country singer has delivered an emotional track to his fans and he is speaking out about the meaning behind the lyrics. During our EXCLUSIVE interview with Farr, he explains the song truly...
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