Human Interest

They've Finally Done - The Impossible!

The hunt is over! After 5 years in the lab, they’ve developed a veggie burger that cannot be distinguished from a real beef hamburger. The real kicker to the story though is the type of restaurant that developed this “Impossible Burger” – it’s an ASIAN restaurant based in NYC. What’s more...
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Hall Pass for Brett Eldridge

Clay’s wife has kept no secret that she has a bit of a celebrity crush on Country Music Superstar, Brett Eldridge. She’s even gone so far as to Instagram a picture of him adding the comment “My pretend boyfriend is coming to town just for my birthday!” Corie claims that she and her husband have a “...
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Wedding Day

Are theme weddings OK?

It's a touchy subject, and take it from a married man...guys, do not tread on your lady's wedding plans . Odds are, she's been planning this day since she was a little girl , so if you are going to suggest a theme, maybe you first should earn a ton of money playing a professional sport to justify...
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Getting Pulled Over

WATCH: A Cop Pulls Woman Over for DWI

THIS is so cool - a police officer in Halifax, Virginia pulled a hilarious prank on a couple of drivers when it was hot out the other day. He stopped them for DWI...driving without ice cream! It's so nice seeing folks have a sense of humor, and being nice to one another!
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August 1: Why Today Doesn't Suck

The storms last night, while maybe kept you up - made me realize one thing.. I am needed in my home... for SNUGGLE POWER! So there's that! It's just nice to know you needed, that's all it is. Well, all those Harry Potter Fans who had to say good bye in 2007 - yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday,...
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Dog Driving Car

She leaves her dog in the car - dog crashes into Wal-Mart

Everywhere we look we see stories of people leaving their dogs and kids in the car on hot summer days... when will we learn?! I suppose this woman thought she was doing the right thing by keeping the car running with the A/C going while she ran into a Wayne, West Virginia Wal-Mart Friday - but...
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Not all thieves are bad, right?

Remember, you've gotta look on the bright side of stuff in order to keep from going crazy these days! So check this out - some guys broke into a car in Chicago last week and stole a laptop - yes - that's really bad. But ...they didn't realize there was a DOG trapped inside, and if they hadn't...
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ICYMI: The Headline Challenge (August 1, 2016)

Every morning we test your knowledge of the day's top stories(ish) against those of Corie from the Wake Up With The Wolf Show crew. In case you missed it, here's this morning's questions. How many can you get right? (Round 1) Donald Trump got stuck in an elevator…and somehow or other manage to...
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Hot Dog

Greatest Princess Costme EVER

July is National Hot Dog Month and Hot Dog Girl is still in the news! A local elementary school girl from Apex dressed as a hot dog on "Dress Like a Princess" day a month or so ago. She is now Chicago's Hot Dog Queen!
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Happy woman at sunset

July 28: Why today doesn't suck

It's Throwback Thursday and we are bringing you positive vibes and the feel good stuff! We here on the Wolf want to get every morning started with more of the awesome so you are ready to handle anything life throws at you. We give you reasons on why today does not suck!
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