Human Interest

Stuffed Animals

Don't just buy all of them

What do you do when your child's favorite toy all of a sudden goes missing? And what do you do when you know that toy or stuffed animal is going to be gone for good? Well we have the easy answer to solve this hard problem for you all! Jill says to buy all your toys in pairs so there is always a...
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Do you need a stunt double?

Jill admitted that she's never cooked a meal ...even if she subscribed to one of those ingredients-in-a-box services like Blue Apron, she'd be lost, becasuse she just doesn't enjoy cooking. If you could have a stunt double, what would you have it do for you? I'd totally have a stunt double stand in...
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Lion Warning

Video shows massive lion pounce at toddler at zoo

A horrifying encounter between a massive lion and a two-year-old toddler at a zoo in Chiba, Japan, was posted on Youtube. The boy broke eye-contact with the lion, the video, and thank God for that thick glass! Video of Lion at Japan zoo tries to paw Boy through Glass
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Beauty Tip: Microwave WHAT?!

Ladies - look - I love you no matter what you do to try to look pretty(er). I'm safe to say, most all of us guys think that way, too (well, if they don't, you're around the wrong kinds of guys...just sayin'). However, Jill has informed me that all of these beauty tips are all about looking good for...
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Kid Watching TV

We need more kid's TV shows

You know how it is, when your baby likes very specific, certain things, therefore you're stuck watching endless loops of Frozen and other cute movies and shows (OK - cute for the first 123 times). Clay revealed this morning that Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is on an endless loop in his home, to keep...
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Riding In The Back Of A Car

Five Most Annoying Things People Do In Your Car

Expedia released a survey this weeka bout the most annoying things other drivers do. Yep, texting took the top spot for the third year in a suprise there, right? Now, listen to the most annoying stuff passengers do in your car:
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Sit Ups

She did how many sit ups?!

It's on Clay's bucket list - set a world record...doing something...doesn't really matter. So this morning, he tried to set a new sit-up record, only realizing that he'd have to break a Kanasis City's Kyleigh Bass' record...she's 10, and just completed 2,110 reps. Watch here: Video of KC teen sets...
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First Date

The Worst First Date Food

Who'da thunk that you should be careful about what you eat on a first date!? Of course, you should avoid anything that's gonna give you gas, like chili or brussel sprouts, but listen up and take notes...Clay and Jill have the rest of the list, as a public service to you!
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