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@clayjdwalker and #BittyFeller atop Pilot Mountain

It's not 'baby sitting'...

Dads - give your wife the day off for once... or heck, even the entire weekend! Sure, she needs it, but...get this... you need it more ! Let me explain, using a quick story from the past weekend at my house. My son, #BittyFeller, has been at my wife Tiffany's side since day one...that's a whopping...
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Are Your Gas Habits Normal?

According to this new survey of 200,000 people, 60% of us pass gas at work and don't CARE if our work mates notice! While this may seem astounding, check out the other disgusting gas stats proven by the survey! These questions were given to 200,000 participants and their answers are... well, either...
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Science Tells Us What We're Doing Wrong

Scientist are claiming that eating a few bites of ice cream first thing in the morning is GOOD for you! WOOO! However, they also put together a list of things that are BAD for you that you wouldn't think of directly... of course! 1 - Oversleeping 2 - Over training 3 - Wearing the wrong shoes 4 -...
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What Distracts You Most When Driving?

There are a lot of distractions when you're on the road these days! What are the most common driving distractions? 1. Eating and Drinking 2. Phone Calls 3. Adjusting the Radio 4. Texting Listen to the Wake Up With the Wolf Crew Discuss and debunk these distractions!
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5 Bad Habits that are Holding You Back

According to new research these are the 5 Biggest Bad Habits that are holding you back in life! 1. Multitasking 2. Digital Distractions 3. Over Sleeping 4. Inactivity 5. Not Taking Risks We talked about it this morning on the Wolf and dove DEEP into why these are either dead on or total BS! 5 Bad...
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Sexy Fireman

What's the Sexiest Job for Men?

This morning on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show we asked the question, What is the sexiest job for men? A survey listed the top 10 jobs... and number 1 might surprise you!
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Plumber Crack

8% of People Don't Wear Undies

Just for fun, this morning Dale shared some fun statistics, all sharing one single theme... 8% of people don't wear undies. 63% of us admit to wearing undies two days in a row. 76% of us just go ahead and pick wedgies in public 41% shave their cheeks 2% of us have actually worn butt pads to enhance...
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Extra Large Coffee Cup

Coffee So Strong It Will Kill You

Dale shared a story this morning on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show that got mixed reviews from Corie and Wolf Listeners! Apparently they've finally created a coffee that will keep you awake and fully alert for 12-18 hours! It's 75 times stronger than one shot of espresso. So it should come as no...
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Bathroom at Work

New App Tracks your Bathroom Habits

Japan has created a new app that could be a total invasion of privacy! The new app is said to address the "Bathroom Issue" bosses are having with employees spending too much time in the can . Apparently the app will also alert you to let you know when there is an available stall and alert your boss...
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Playing footsie

Flirting,When is OK and How Do You Know?

A new study reveals that we flirt for 5 specific reasons. The most obvious one being that you want to hook up. Maybe you're just wanting to have a little fun. Perhaps flirting is a way to see what it might be like to date that person. Maybe you're trying to be more playful or intimate. Lastly.....
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