Hillary Clinton

Hillary in Greensboro for First Appearance Since Illness

Hillary Clinton will be making her first public appearance since she fell ill at the September 11th Memorial Event and had to be assisted into a vehicle. She will be at UNCG's Old Student Recreation Center at 3:45pm and is expected to be back to good health. Regardless of your political affiliation...
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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Hillary Clinton?

As we gear up for the November elections here at The Wolf, we wanna know how well you know the candidates! Take the quiz below and see how well you know Hillary Clinton!
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Hillary, ALIVE in GSO Tomorrow

A news anchor made quite a slip of the tongue last week when he reported that Hillary Clinton was dead, and her doctor had diagnosed her with pneumonia. WOW, REALLY?!? That got us thinking. While we are happy to hear that she is in fact, Alive and Well... what would happen if a Presidential...
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Politics? We Only Want to Hear About Puppies and Cookies!

We're tired of hearing about Tonald Drump and Chillary Hinton! We find ourselves avoiding political talks all together because no matter what you say someone gets offended! How much better would politics be if we instead referred to them as Puppies and Choc.Chip Cookies?? Let's try it out shall we...
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8 Photos of the Clintons REALLY loving balloons

In an otherwise noisy world, sometimes, you just need to play with balloons. If I learned anything from last night's Democratic National Convention - it's that the Clinton family really, reallllyyyyy loves balloons.
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Presidential Candidates

Tinder for Politicians?

Clay has a theory that the media intentionally uses the worst photos possible for each candidate in this year’s election. We believe there should be tinder for politicians so we can swipe left on the ones we don't like! Former New York Councilman Anthony Weiner might have been pioneer for this app.
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Cell Phone

SAVE YOUR CONTACTS: Don't let this happen to you

Putting the correct names next to all the phone numbers you have on your phone. Your significant other could begin to lose trust if you continue to engage in conversation with unknown contacts. Hillary Clinton's email scandal continues and the National Enquirer reports that it could turn into a sex...
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