Hillary Clinton

Bad Date

Dating and Voting - Friends or Foe's?

Let's face it, this election is at he top of most conversations. It is monopolizing the news and taking over our lives! So, for those of you out there in the dating world, how is it helping or hurting your game? A new survey from online dating, says that 27% of singles won't date someone who...
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Faded American Flag

You Think You Know Your Candidates?

You think you know your candidates for this most historical election? Take this quiz and find out!
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WATCH: 21 Photos from the final debate

The Presidental Debates were in Vegas last night, and if you put your money on Trump and Clinton not shaking hands during the event, you would have cashed in! Every news outlet across the globe is postulating and picking apart the moments from last night's event, playing back soundbites over and...
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Burgers to Predict the Election

With such a confusing election year, theres no telling who's gonna win. Theres a burger chain has come up with a plan to predict the election - by creating two burgers. One Trump themed... and one Hillary themed. Mr. Burger- Patty topped with pastrami, beef, cole slaw and homemade Russian dressing...
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Donald Trump Calls The Wolf!

We're three weeks out from the 2016 Presidential Election... and it's business as usual with PURE CHAOS!!! The Orange County Republican Headquarters was fire bombed... and Trump is calling for Hillary Clinton to be drug tested. You know... the usual. Mr. Trump called the Wake Up With the Wolf Show...
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More Wikileaks - The Wolf Has the Inside Scoop

More WikiLeaks from Hillary Clinton... where will it end? Will they tell us what the stupid things say already? Well, The WOLF got the inside scoop this morning on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show, when they received an anonymous call from WikiLeaks to address some of the stolen information! That's...
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Hillary's Plan B

We learned this week that Hillary Clinton likes to take a mental break from life by looking at Cat GIFs... She called the Wake Up With the Wolf Show to answer our obvious questions!
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Best Joke You'll Hear All Day

The best joke you'll hear all day from one of our Wolf listeners! "If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean... who survives??...................AMERICA... America Survives!" Best Political Joke
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Most Merica' Restaurant

What could be considered the Most American restaurant, is set to open in NYC. It's name, of course, is Merica'. It's driving attraction, as you can imagine.. is monster burgers, assault riffles and Chuck Norris movie marathons! A poke a the current political season also comes into play with the T-...
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Red Sweater Sensation #Kenbone

Who knew that a last minute wardrobe malfunction could set you up for more than 15 minutes of fame? Ken Bone learned this at the recent Presidential Debate. As he squeezed into his old suit he prepared for his questions should he have the opportunity to quiz the candidates on pressing issues like...
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