High Point


Five Things You Need To Know: For 11-6-20

Five Things You Need To Know For Friday, November 6th, 2020!
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Police Car

Five Things You Need To Know: High Point Police Headquarters

Five Things You Need To Know for Tuesday, January 21st, 2020. A woman in Freeland, Michigan is selling her husband on Facebook for $111 washing her $200 designer jeans. Down to Kannapolis we go where police recently arrested Barry Jones after he ran onto a high school wrestling mat to tackle his...
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Halloween Candy 2018

Where's the best place to Trick-Or-Treat in the Triad?

My wife and I go through this every year... WHERE is the best place to Trick-Or-Treat with the kiddos? So we're asking you , Wolf Nation...what Triad neighborhood has the best candy? Nominate and vote now!
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What Temperature Should Your Thermostat REALLY Be Set To?

1. There's a new report out that says you should keep your thermostat at 78 degrees when you're home and 82 at night. People on Twitter are LOSING IT . . . as one person said, quote, "I see we've decided to give up on sleeping." 2. An update on the Dale Earnhardt Jr plane crash… 3. I went to see...
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Would You Have Said Something To This Man At The Movie Theater?

Recently, Hollywood has been having the discussion of how to get more butts in chairs at the theater. Between ticket and concession prices, going to the movies can be a costly experience. And perhaps, the thing people are over the most is not being able to customize their experience, we're talkgin...
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The Wolf over Pilot Mountain

On The Prowl: High Point Baseball

Join The Wolf's Dale O'Brian live this Thursday from 5-7pm as he broadcasts live during the team name unveiling for the all-new High Point baseball team! Is it High Point Dragon Claws, High Point Rockers or High Point Splinters? Come on out to the BB&T Point Progress Party at the new stadium...
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@clayjdwalker and #BittyFeller atop Pilot Mountain

It's not 'baby sitting'...

Dads - give your wife the day off for once... or heck, even the entire weekend! Sure, she needs it, but...get this... you need it more ! Let me explain, using a quick story from the past weekend at my house. My son, #BittyFeller, has been at my wife Tiffany's side since day one...that's a whopping...
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Snow in the Triad - Are you prepared?

Look, I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia where it snowed on Halloween, so I'm no stranger to the ice, snow and cold temperatures. However, living in the south for the past ten years, I've realized we're not always prepared for the harsh conditions. We could get 1-3 inches of snow Friday...
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Ecoli Water All Clear - Corie Freaks Out!

Fear Not! The Boil Advisory is over for High Point! You would have thought it was Post Apocalyptic High Point over the weekend. Many stores were offering free bottled and jugged water during the panic... meanwhile Clay simply boiled some water and carried on with his life. He did however receive a...
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Paws For A Cause: 93 Cent Car Washes

Gosh we have some incredible listeners here at The Wolf, with HUGE hearts. Thanks for coming out to our first ever 93 Cent Car Wash for the Kids at the Car Wash Company in High Point! Cars were lined up around the block to take advantage of the awesome wash special, but also to help out the Boys...
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