Wake Up With The Wolf Show: The Teams There Are Great...

We're halfway through the week! Today we discovered where all Chase's money has been going, what is really happening in the bathrooms on Southwest Airlines, and our favorite listener Steve just really wants to get off the phone with Amy. We also celebrate a little Wet Nose Wednesday and how you can...
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Add This Jamestown Spot To Your Halloween Haunts Tour

Lydia's Bridge is home to the tale of a woman who died there in 1923. The story is relatively simple: Lydia was thrown from the car and died on the spot. Today, it is rumored that her spirit haunts the grounds and will flag down passerbys in the night, asking for a ride to one specific address...
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Ghost Stories, EVPs, and All Things Halloween Today

The Wake Up With The Wolf Show celebrates Halloween! Taken from different haunted locations, can you guess what these EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recordings are saying? Yeah, CHILLS. Also, a listener calls in and shares her story about staying (or not staying) at a haunted cabin in the woods...
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Dark school corridor

WATCH: Footage of Haunted School Will Give You Chills

Based on footage captured by the building’s security system, it looks like there may be a ghost enrolled at Deerpark CBS, a school in Cork, Ireland.
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