Harry Potter

Harry Potter's Birthday: 5 of the Film's Stars Then and Now

They grow up so fast. Today, Harry Potter is 39 years old. July 31st is a very special day in the Harry Potter universe. It is Harry's birthday, the day that he finds out he's a wizard, and the actual birthday of author J.K. Rowling as well. To celebrate this coveted day in everyone's favorite...
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Top 10 "Safe Words"

You've heard of a Safe Word right? Maybe you're spicy enough to have used one before. Ever wondered if the word you use is common? A new survey revealed the Top 10 Most Popular Safe Words, and there are a few tied for #10 that we can't stop laughing about! Red Pineapple Banana Orange Peach Apple...
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August 1: Why Today Doesn't Suck

The storms last night, while maybe kept you up - made me realize one thing.. I am needed in my home... for SNUGGLE POWER! So there's that! It's just nice to know you needed, that's all it is. Well, all those Harry Potter Fans who had to say good bye in 2007 - yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday,...
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