Greensboro, North Carolina

Valentine's Day

Five perfect Triad V-Day Date Ideas

My wife gives me grief every single year about Valentine's day...but not because she wants something incredible like a trip to the Bahamas, a big rock from Schiffman's, or even a stinkin' dozen Duck Donuts...she, like most level-headed women, expect me to be the same 'ol Clay on February 14th as I...
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Listeners at Coliseum

What I learned at the Greensboro Coliseum

It's one thing to download the latest Justin Moore album and listen to it in your's another thing to experience Justin Moore in his natural habitat, in front of an electric crowd where the true artform is defined. However, for me, concerts bring a whole lot more to me personally...
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Is the ACC Just Being a Bully?

Now, jumping on the Bathroom Bandwagon, the ACC is saying they're pulling out of NC in addition to the NCAA. The Mayor of Greensboro reported yesterday that with the NCAA and now the ACC pulling out of NC, we can expect a loss of $20 MILLION in revenue. One small difference with the ACC is that...
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Is the NCAA Choosing Their Battles?

You've heard the news that the NCAA has decided to pull the NCAA Tournament out of Greensboro in it's stand against NC's House Bill 2 - Also known as The Bathroom Bill. This is a straight punch to the gut for our local economy that depends on this huge event every year. When you think about it, the...
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NCAA Basketball Tournament Disses Greensboro

The NCAA announced that due to the HB2 Bill in North Carolina, the NCAA D1 Tournament will not be held in Greensboro, NC in 2017. This decision comes as a bit of a shock to not only basketball fans, but also potentially devastating to Triad business owners who depend on the annual influx of tourism...
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Eric Church is Carolina's Country Bad Boy

In case you missed it, Eric Church has announced his brand new world tour , which will hit Greensboro sometime in May 2017! All this weekend on The Wolf, we're celebrating the incredible artistry of Eric Church, plus all the cool stuff that's from the Triad with a Carolina Homeboy Deep-Dive Weekend...
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Donald Trump in Winston-Salem

Donald Trump to Campaign in Winston-Salem today

According to the North Carolina GOP, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will be in Winston-Salem this evening. He'll be speaking at 8:00 p.m. at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Annex. If you want to see him, you can snag tickets at his website. Head's up, however - traffic will be crazy...
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