Five Things You Need To Know For 6-23-20

Five Things You Need To Know for Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020!
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Singularity Dating

Greensboro Man Creates Dating App...For Himself

If you've ever tried online dating or using a dating app you know that most of your "matches" end up ghosting either immediately or shortly after you match. Aaron Smith of Greensboro had had enough of dating apps and decided to create his own,! We talked to Aaron about the...
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Wake Up With The Wolf Show: We Have A Major Concert Announcement!

What time do you eat Thanksgiving dinner? That's the most important question we ask today. We also talk a double fold good news story, what event Sam Hunt was just kicked off of, and the the perfect job that's hiring. We also meet the Greensboro man behind the dating app "Singularity Dating" where...
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Good News: Greensboro Bus Driver Goes Above & Beyond For Riders

Teairra Coleman is a Greensboro City bus driver, which means every single day she is meeting and greeting people with a warm and friendly smile. One of the things she noticed during her routes is that there are people in need and people she could help. And she didn't hesitate to lend a helping hand...
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Chris Stapleton in Greensboro!

Thanks for hanging with the Wolf Friday night at the Chris Stapleton concert!
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Halloween Candy 2018

Where's the best place to Trick-Or-Treat in the Triad?

My wife and I go through this every year... WHERE is the best place to Trick-Or-Treat with the kiddos? So we're asking you , Wolf Nation...what Triad neighborhood has the best candy? Nominate and vote now!
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Good News Story: 16 Year Old Kiara Myers Donates Birthday Money To Local Coffee Shop

Greensboro's Kiara Myers celebrated her 16th birthday earlier this week and instead of gifts, she asked for her family to donate to A Special Blend , a local coffee shop that employs adults with special needs. She also ended up donating $70 of her own money. Above that, Kiara, who is a Junior at...
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Greensboro vs Winston Salem: Who Has The Better Downtown?

Amy hit the town over the weekend and it was her first trip to Winston Salem on a Friday night. After kicking it at Bull's Tavern to see Jukebox Rehab, she noticed that WS's Downtown seemed a little more active and fun. When she mentioned it to a friend, he said "Oh yeah, it's a known thing that...
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Would You Have Tried To Stop These 2 Thieves?

Dale was walking into Field & Stream in Greensboro when two men in their late teens ran out of the store, compound bows in hand. An employee confirmed that the two were shoplifting and then Dale did it...he took off after them! They had quickly hopped into their car and sped away, but he was...
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What Temperature Should Your Thermostat REALLY Be Set To?

1. There's a new report out that says you should keep your thermostat at 78 degrees when you're home and 82 at night. People on Twitter are LOSING IT . . . as one person said, quote, "I see we've decided to give up on sleeping." 2. An update on the Dale Earnhardt Jr plane crash… 3. I went to see...
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