Gas Shortage

Gasmageddon Day 2

Corie saw a fuel truck leaving the Sheetz gas station in Salisbury early this morning.. so perhaps there is hope for gas to come around soon! Governor McCrory has instated an Emergency Response Team to do... well we're not sure. Winston-Salem has shut down around 60% of their non-essential service...
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Why Today Doesn't Suck

Each day, you wake up with air in your lungs and you are given a very important choice. Are you going to let all the negativity in the world jump in your boat and sink your day? Or, are you going to cling tight to the good things in your life and sail through the day with a smile on your face? We...
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All weekend long we heard tales of gas stations with no gas, or premium only for $$$! This morning we heard from people all over the triad who let us know their thoughts and discoveries as everyone headed to work this morning. Here are our questions: 1)Where is or isn't gas? 2)How much is it? 3)...
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