First Date

What Type Of Picture Your Dating Profile Should Feature

You've been on Tinder and Bumble and Match, and maybe you're trying Hinge now, too. When it comes to online dating, the options are (for the most part) endless. So why are you not getting a first date, or maybe a second?! A listener wrote into Dale asking for his advice. He stated he has a close up...
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First dates can be stressful. Sometimes stress can cause us to not entirely represent our best versions of ourselves, so I hope you're not doing any of these things... Here are the Top 10 Reasons he might not be looking for a Second Date with you: 10. You're a messy eater. Maybe ribs aren't the...
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Dating Guide For Online Dater's First Meet Up!

OK, so you've met someone special on one of those online dating sites. You moved to texting and then a few long phone conversations... and now it's time to meet up. There's a lot of pressure on this first date and you probably have an exit strategy already in place! A new survey from 800 online...
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Bad Date

Dating and Voting - Friends or Foe's?

Let's face it, this election is at he top of most conversations. It is monopolizing the news and taking over our lives! So, for those of you out there in the dating world, how is it helping or hurting your game? A new survey from online dating, says that 27% of singles won't date someone who...
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County Fair + A Lot of Puke = Great 1st Date

We're so excited that it's that time of year again - The Dixie Classic Fair is in town!!! The fair brings to memory all of our favorite things... funnnel cakes, corn dogs, rides.... and Corie's haunting memory of her 1st technical date with the man she married just 12 years later! Listen to a clip...
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