What Caused This 90 Year Old Woman's Mattress To Catch Fire?

Each weekday, The Wake Up With The Wolf Show shares a "Good News Story" around 6:50AM. This is one that came across their desk and features a 90 year old woman who walks into a fire in her room and eventually was rescued by a group of teenage boys. All is well that ends well, but...we have so many...
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Donald Trump Calls The Wolf!

We're three weeks out from the 2016 Presidential Election... and it's business as usual with PURE CHAOS!!! The Orange County Republican Headquarters was fire bombed... and Trump is calling for Hillary Clinton to be drug tested. You know... the usual. Mr. Trump called the Wake Up With the Wolf Show...
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Being the Good Neighbor

Clay is known for being the Good Neighbor... always out in his yard mowing, so naturally when anyone of his neighbors need help they know they can literally YELL and he'll come-a-runnin'. Recently, his neighbor yelled to him "HEEYYY CLAY!!!!" from down the block.. as huge clouds of smoke billowed...
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