19 Gifts for Kids Who Love Music

A few musicians are born naturally gifted, but most learn to love playing and listening at a young age, encouraged by the adults around them. The holidays are a perfect time to show that support with a thoughtful, musically themed gift . Whether you’re buying for a 5-year-old who has never touched...
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Adorable Video Shows Officer Pull Kids Over in Traffic Stop

You have the right to remain adorable. A police officer in South Florida pulled over two tykes behind the wheel after he caught them “speeding.” Officer Clayton Harris turned on his lights and apprehended the boy and girl, both his kids, in a toy truck. “We know how to drive. Bye-Bye!" -- A Florida...
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Parents Spark Backlash For Giving Baby 'Ridiculous' Blended Last Name

An Australian couple is gaining a lot of attention after making a decision that involves their baby! Both Courtney Cassar and Laura Sheldon decided to give their daughter a last name that is a mashup of both of their last names. Instead of hyphenating both last names, Cassar and Sheldon wanted to...
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Mom Slammed For Refusing to Pay Babysitter More Than $8 an Hour

Hell hath no fury like a babysitter scorned. A mother got a quick lesson in economics after trying to nickel and dime a prospective babysitter, according to Fatherly. In a text exchange published on Reddit , the mom replied to the babysitter’s ad asking to see if she could watch her three kids that...
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@clayjdwalker and #BittyFeller atop Pilot Mountain

It's not 'baby sitting'...

Dads - give your wife the day off for once... or heck, even the entire weekend! Sure, she needs it, but...get this... you need it more ! Let me explain, using a quick story from the past weekend at my house. My son, #BittyFeller, has been at my wife Tiffany's side since day one...that's a whopping...
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Would You Rather: 4 Day Week or Flex Schedule?

A recent survey asked people would they rather have a 4 day work week or a flexible start/end time in their job. We were surprised to learn that majority of the people said they'd prefer flexible schedules over a 3 day weekend, mainly due to kids and family schedules! What would you prefer?
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Kimberly Schlapman

Baby News From Little Big Town

Little Big Town member, Kimberly Schlapman and her family gained a new member over the New Year's Holiday. They adopted a baby girl and named her Dolly Grace! They shared the sweetest family pic with their fans! The New Year brought our family new love. We're so excited to introduce you to Daisy's...
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Christmas Parade

2016 Christmas Parades

Asheboro Christmas Parade 2-Dec 7:00 PM Mebane Christmas Parade 2-Dec 7:00 PM Morrow County Christmas Parade 2-Dec 7:00 PM Draper Children’s Christmas Parade 3-Dec 11:00 AM Denton Christmas Parade 3-Dec 12:00 PM Dobson Christmas Parade 3-Dec 2:00 PM Graham Christmas Parade 3-Dec 10:00 AM Greensboro...
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Which Family Would You Rather Join?

A new survey from Cosmo revealed statistics about Which Family Would you Rather be a Member Of ? The Kardashians, The Clintons, The Trumps...or none of the above? 24% picked The Kardashians 21% picked The Clintons 9% picked The Trumps While an astounding 46% would rather have None of the Above!
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Why today Doesn't Suck

Our favorite portion of the Wake Up With the Wolf Show - Why Today Doesn't Suck! Every morning you are given a very important choice - you can either let the Negative Nancy's in your life drag you down.... OR you can make a mental list of the good things in your life and shield off the butthurt !...
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