KYW In Depth: Geomagnetic storm coming from the sun could impact everything from appliances to satellites

A geomagnetic storm is coming from the sun on Thursday that could potentially have an effect on everything from appliances to satellites to making the northern lights visible in places that would normally never see them.
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Alex Trebek gifted Los Angeles with land to build a park years before his death

Alex Trebek made his mark on the world in more ways than one. Prior to his death on November 8, the beloved ‘Jeopardy’ host donated land to Los Angeles that runs into the popular Runyon Canyon. Read the full story now.
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Can changing your diet help protect the environment?

A local university professor said if Americans adhere to global dietary recommendations designed to reduce the impact of food production and consumption, environmental degradation could be reduced by up to 38 percent.
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Lyft Pledges Commitment to All-Electric Fleet by 2030

Lyft plans to have a fully electric fleet by 2030. The ride hailing company announced on Wednesday its plan to transition to “100 percent” electric or zero-emission vehicles. Read more.
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Why We Celebrate Earth Day

This year marks Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. And while many will be celebrating the occasion — albeit in ways they never have before — few people know about the history of the event. This is why we celebrate the holiday.
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Air Conditioner

SAVE MONEY, STAY COOL: Air Conditioner Tips

Clay gives some tips on how to stay cool and save money in this HEAT. We even have an expert come on the air and give us the inside scoop!
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Well Water

Corie holds her water to a higher standard

Corie has traveled the world in search of the world's best H2O and she believes she has found the absolute best right here in North Carolina!
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