Cut Dollar

Trump Takes a Cut

As we welcome President Elect, Donald Trump into office, he prepares to make a few personal changes. First, moving into the White House, while it's normally a huge step up for past Presidents, is actually a step down for Trump. The White House is roughly 1/2 the square footage that he's used to. I...
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Faded American Flag

You Think You Know Your Candidates?

You think you know your candidates for this most historical election? Take this quiz and find out!
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Make America Bark Again!

This whole election season we've been concerned with maybe not being 100% sold on either of the main Presidental Candidates... Well there may be another obvious option we're not considering. In Minnesota, a little fella who goes by the name of Duke, is now running for his third term as mayor in the...
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Presidential Candidates

Tinder for Politicians?

Clay has a theory that the media intentionally uses the worst photos possible for each candidate in this year’s election. We believe there should be tinder for politicians so we can swipe left on the ones we don't like! Former New York Councilman Anthony Weiner might have been pioneer for this app.
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We forgot to vote

Wait...we were supposed to vote?

Yes, we're uninformed voters...and forgetful...and lazy...and frankly, we thought we already voted a month ago. Did you remember? Does it make you a terrible person for forgetting (or just not going) to vote? My theory is - I don't want to waste a vote on people (or offices) that I don't know, or...
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