Donald Trump

Baby Yoda Merch Spotted at Trump Rally

In case you had any doubt that everybody loves Baby Yoda. Merchandise that uses the likeness of the "Mandalorian" cutie was spotted at a campaign rally that President Donald Trump held on Tuesday night at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Panther Arena. ABC News 2020 campaign reporter Will...
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'Perfect for This Part': Jeff Daniels to Play James Comey in Miniseries

Jeff Daniels has been confirmed to play James Comey in an upcoming miniseries based on the former FBI director’s memoir "A Higher Loyalty." CBS Studios announced on Monday that they will produce the four-hour miniseries, CNN reports . While Daniels will be playing Comey, "Harry Potter" actor...
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Top 10 "Safe Words"

You've heard of a Safe Word right? Maybe you're spicy enough to have used one before. Ever wondered if the word you use is common? A new survey revealed the Top 10 Most Popular Safe Words, and there are a few tied for #10 that we can't stop laughing about! Red Pineapple Banana Orange Peach Apple...
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Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer Speaks Out About SNL Skit

If you've seen the Saturday Night Live skit with Melissa McCarthy where she imitates the White House Press Secretary... you've probably wondered if Sean Spicer has seen it. If he has seen it, you wonder what he thinks about it? With a President like Donald Trump who quickly and opening responds to...
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Garth Brooks: Why He's Not Performing at Trumps Inauguration

There's been a lot of speculation in the media over why Donald Trump is having a difficult time finding artists to perform at his upcoming inauguration. Recently Garth Brooks was added to the list of artists who reportedly declined the request to perform. In one of his regular Facebook Chat's Garth...
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Bryan Cranston

Walter White Joins SNL to Reveal Trump's DEA Pick

Saturday Night Live didn't open this weekend with their usual Alec Baldwin Trump Impression. Instead they took a different approach to political satire with a little help from not your average High School Science Teacher! Video of The Lead with Jake Tapper Cold Open - SNL
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Donald Trump Hands Up

Trump Promisses to Use Twitter Restraint

Anyone who uses Twitter and has been following the election... even just a little bit, has surely been tuned into Donald Trump's tweetastic extremism. In fact, Trump has a long history of starting twitter wars with various celebs and public figures. He's also known for tweeting about things you'd...
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Dave Chappelle on SNL

Dave Chappelle Hosts SNL

After basically disappearing from mainstream media for quite some time, Dave Chappelle returned to host Saturday Night Live this weekend. Chappelle spoke candidly about his visit to the White House and his hopes for President Elect Donald Trump. Video of Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL
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Cut Dollar

Trump Takes a Cut

As we welcome President Elect, Donald Trump into office, he prepares to make a few personal changes. First, moving into the White House, while it's normally a huge step up for past Presidents, is actually a step down for Trump. The White House is roughly 1/2 the square footage that he's used to. I...
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Feather in the Wind

Quiz: Who said it? Trump or Gump

As we welcome our new President Elect to the White House for the next 4 years, we thought it was only fitting to play a little game...
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