Five Things You Need To Know: Disney Plus

Everyday I work HARD to bring you the five biggest things going on in the world (I use the term HARD, loosely), with "Five Things You Need To Know"! Today is no exception. For Thursday, October 17th, 2019: 1. The USPS is testing drone delivery for packages up to 55 pounds. 2. Mandy Velez recently...
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SCREENSHOTS: 30 Classic Movies Coming to New Disney+ Streaming Service in November

Disney took part in a unique Twitter unveiling on Monday, revealing the can’t-miss titles coming to their Disney+ streaming service launching in November. The titles include some highly anticipated originals along with flicks from Marvel, Pixar, and more. It. Is. Time. From Snow White and the Seven...
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SCREENSHOTS: Why Elsa Won't Have a Love Interest in 'Frozen 2'

When Elsa didn’t wind up with a romantic partner at the end of 2013 blockbuster “Frozen,” many found it not only surprising, but downright groundbreaking. But any fans hoping the Queen of Arendelle will have better luck in the love department in the upcoming sequel, “Frozen 2,” better think again...
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Did Your Honeymoon Cost More or Less Than Chase's?

As Chase is getting ready to set sail on his honeymoon, we find out how much it cost him for 10 days. Plus, Wolf Nation calls in to share to their honeymoon trips, tips, and tricks...like how one woman was upgraded to first class FOR FREE. (Note: We don't recommend you try this at home.)
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Did You Hear What Disney Is Banning In Their Theme Parks?

They had made the announcement quite some time ago, but it's finally official: Disney has banned smoking in their theme parks. While you will still be able to smoke at the designated areas in the resorts and hotels, you will have to exit the park and reenter in order to grab a quick puff in between...
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Elsa Goes Ice Surfing in the Official Trailer for 'Frozen 2'

The sequel hits theaters on November 22nd
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Star Wars

Watch the First Trailer for 'Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker'

The first teaser from the final chapter
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'The Lion King' Comes to Life in New Trailer

Scar is already awful in this gorgeous new preview
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The official movie trailer for Will Smith's 'Aladdin' is out

SCREENSHOTS: Watch the Trailer for Will Smith's Live Action 'Aladdin'

The first official trailer is out for the new live-action 'Aladdin' movie, starring Will Smith as the genie.
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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Disney's 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' Announces Opening Date and a Lot More

These ARE the parks you're looking for
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